Atlas Shrugged

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Atlas Shrugged
Назва: Atlas Shrugged
Автор: Ayn Rand
Видавництво: Plume Books
ISBN 9780452011878
Мова: english
Cтраниц: 663 pages
Формат: PDF
Розмір: 3.7 Mb
Rand's 1200-page novel is a hymn of praise to the concept of rugged individualism, personified in John Galt. This polemic for Rand's philosophy of "rational self-interest" has been a steady seller since it was published in 1957.
Praisenew York Times Book Review
"It would be pointless to discuss either the logic or the feasibility of the program Miss Rand so vehemently puts forth. What is important is the spirit in which the book is written. Like THE FOUNTAINHEAD, ATLAS SHRUGGED is a defense of and a tribute to the superior individual, who is, in Miss Rand's view, superior in every way--in body as well as mind and especially in his capacity for life. Its spirit, regardless of the specific doctrines it preaches, is calculated to appeal to those who feel that life could and should have more meaning than they have experienced. Loudly as Miss Rand proclaims her love of life, it seems clear that the book is written out of hate. How well ATLAS SHRUGGED....Perhaps most of us have moments when we feel that it might be a good idea if the whole human race, except for us and the few nice people we know, were wiped out; but one wonders about a person who sustains such a mood through the writing of 1,168 pages and some fourteen years of work." - Granville Hicks 10/13/1957
Saturday Review
"For readers willing to go the distance, to reexamine their own convictions, and to put up with the incidental tripe, ATLAS SHRUGGED may well be worth wading through. There is no denying that it leaves a powerful, disturbing impression." - H.B. Woodward 10/12/1957

Atlas Shrugged
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