The Story of the Monitor

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The Story of the Monitor

Книга: The Story of the Monitor
Автор: Cornelius S. Bushnell
Год: 1899
Язык: English
Страниц: 64
Формат: PDF
Размер: 3.6mb
As long as the history of the United States shall endure, the thrilling story of the battle of March 9, 1862, between the "Monitor "and " Merrimac" will retain its fascination. The people of this country and the nations of the world have not really known the full story and the real spirit or energy to which we are prima¬rily indebted for urging the construction of this initial and then invincible vessel whose first encounter marked an epoch in the development of arma¬ments afloat and ashore. And although thirty-seven years have passed since that memorable battle, and articles innumerable in books arid maga¬zines have appeared from time to time in regard to the building of this first type of modern war vessel, it has remained until this day to compile and present herewith some information heretofore unpublished in full, which will show that it was through the efforts of one man chiefly that the work was accomplished….

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