Our Navy at War

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Our Navy at War

Книга: Our Navy at War
Автор: Josephus Daniels
Формат: Djvu
Размер: 12.0 mb
Качество: хорошее
Язык: English
Год издания: 1922
Страниц: 450
To the Six Hundred Thousand Men
Who Served in the United States Navy and Marine Corps in the World War
Manning more than two thousand vessels—
Operating with Allied Navies from the
Arctic to the Adriatic—
Transporting troops and supplies across the Atlantic—
Protecting ships from attack and destruction—
Driving off and defeating the murderous submarines,
You made safe the seas, and
Kept open the Road to France, so that,
Of all the vast Army sent overseas,
Not one soldier on an American troop-ship
Lost his life on the Way to France.
Fighting with the Army, your comrades,
The Soldiers of the Sea, won fame in
Hard-fought battles that saved Paris,
Drove back the German hordes, and
Won for Humanity Complete and Glorious Victory.
In recognition of your splendid service, your dauntless deeds, this work is dedicated by one who was sometime your commander and always your shipmate.

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