Mandated landscape: British imperial rule in Palestine, 1929-1948

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Mandated landscape: British imperial rule in Palestine, 1929-1948

Видавництво: Routledge
Автор(ы): Roza I.M. El-Eini
Мова: English
Рік видання: 2006
Кількість сторінок: 705
ISBN: 0-7146-5426-4
Формат: pdf (e-book)
Розмір: 5,36 mb
At the end of the First World War and on the break-up of the Ottoman Empire, the region of Syria-Lebanon fell into the French orbit, while Palestine, Trans-Jordan and Iraq (Mesopotamia) fell into that of the British. These regions, however, did not become colonies but, as with the former German colonies in Africa, were designated Mandated territories instead. Unlike colonies, Mandated territories could aim at full independence, and the League of Nations was responsible for safeguarding their administration.
In this massive study on the impact of British imperial rule on the landscape of Mandated Palestine, Dr Roza I.M. El-Eini concentrates on town and rural planning, agriculture, forestry, land and partition, taking the Shephelah (the Lowlands) as a case study. During their more than 30 years in the country (1917-48), the British were obligated to establish a government which was to ensure the terms of the League of Nations, rather than their own strategic interests. Mandated landscape: British imperial rule in Palestine, 1929-1948
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