EDN, №3, 3 February, 2011

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EDN, №3, 3 February, 2011

EDN — это занимающий солидное положение журнал, посвященный электронной промышленности, особенно ее областям, связанным с конструированием и встроенным системам. Cтатьи в нем основаны на добротном материале, хорошо написаны.
EDN (Electronic Design News) provides engineers and engineering managers with in-depth design features and deep technical information on microprocessors and other digital ICs, analog ICs, ASICs, computers and software, computer peripherals, test and measurement, components, power sources, interconnections and packaging, and much more. EDN also explores important application areas such as computers, communications, embedded, industrial, and consumer electronics.
Advances in energy-storage technology power wireless devices
Energy harvesting relies on intermittent energy sources and requires energy storage, such as a capacitor or a battery. New improvements in these components point toward smaller, longer-lived wireless sensor nodes, but a long-lived primary battery may be your simplest energy-source choice.
Departments and Columns
Signal Integrity
Take the fifth
Supply Chain
A new twist on design chain: EBV collaborates to launch chips
Tales From The Cube
Tower of babble
The design-to-cost imperative and customer value
Design Ideas
Compute a histogram in an FPGA with one clock
Protect MOSFETs in heavy-duty inductive switched-mode circuits
Control an LM317T with a PWM signal
High-speed buffer comprises discrete transistors
Limit inrush current in high-power applications
Design Feature
Understanding embedded-system-boot techniques
Lowering the cost of medical-imaging R&D
DSP-based analyzers boast 85-MHz bandwidth
Wireless-power technology, development kit target Chevy Volt
High-voltage gate-driver ICs improve noise immunity
Class D amplifier suppresses EMI
Freescale unveils Cortex-A9-based devices
Step-down dc/dc controller features fast transient response
Solid-state drives are one-eighth the size of their siblings
Tool performs FPGA-power designs
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Номер: №3, 3 February
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