Maxim №9 (September 2016) USA

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Maxim №9 (September 2016) USA
Журнал Maxim издается в 42 странах мира, а общее число его читателей превышает 10 миллионов. Maxim пропагандирует скорее стиль мысли – специфический интеллигентно-философски-озорной взгляд на окружающий нас мир. Формально круг интересов журнала – стандартный для мужских изданий, но способ подачи этих материалов в Maxim всегда остается авторским и нетривиальным. При этом исключительное качество съемок, текстов и иллюстраций является одним из приоритетов этого издания. Это высокопрофессиональный глянец в самом лучшем смысле этого слова.

Dear Maximus, Surfer bro seeks fancy (nonwet) suit. Please advise. I have a feeling the surfer bro may also be an art director or designer. I’m guessing he has a fairly lean and muscular frame. A few years back, when my man Joey Votto asked which way to turn for a tux to wear for his MLB MVP, I steered him to Tom Ford, whose designs are both fancy (in a manly way) and cut for a more athletic frame than most high-end designers’. I am virtually certain that 007 has actually surfed in a Tom Ford suit, as well as skied, hang glided, sprinted and long jumped.
What place do you think vintage has in the wardrobe of the modern man? Compared to women’s styles, men’s are almost permanent. Every once in a while a big kerfuffle comes along and some things are rendered obsolete. Do you remember the suits of the Michael Jordan–Pat Riley era, with their wide, wildly pleated pants and ginormous shoulder pads? Such suits may not pass this way again. My old Armanis? My tailor just shook his head and I tossed them. But some things don’t change. Ties and lapels fluctuate in breadth, and the old wide can have a new life, narrowed. Fine old shoes live for decades. Shirts rarely undergo radical change. Traditional dress shirts and button-downs from the ’60s, although identical in detail to today’s, are too blousy, but they can work if the body is narrowed.

Название: Maxim
Год: 2016
Номер: 9
Страниц: 100
Формат: pdf
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